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3 Photography lessons from Cartier Bresson.

HBC is an emblematic photographer, co-founder of Magnum Photos and precursor of photo-periodism.

What he thought about photographs, and his critical and analytical view of it serves us as a lección until today.

1 – “The decisive moment”.

Photography does not depend on suerte and determination.

HBC took 4 hours to extract this photo.

You will tend to be more supportive as you become more available to her.

2 - “The composition is based on bad luck. I deliver a structure and I hope something happens. There are no rules.”

HBC came from painting and was a master of photographic compositions.

The moment to photograph is not the time to think about composition techniques.

Composición has to study, understand and exercise, so that when the moment of photography arrives, you have it intrinsic with your instincts.

3 - “Your first 10,000 photos are your worst photos.”

This quote confirms the apprenticeships of the others. You have to be patient.

Shooting with a legitimate interest in learning will make you a better photographer, believing that you know all about it.

Being a photographer is hard. Photography is an exercise in frustration. You will be far more wrong than what you ask for. The reward, when it comes, is in the process and in the long term. There is no fame, no money, but you will learn to see poetry in simple things around you.

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