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The shadow of the lines.

Bernardo Dantas
Bernardo Dantas the shadow of lines (13).jpg

The clash between development and the accelerated process of urbanization, in the midst of commercial interests, makes a poorer population suffer the challenges of a big city, which seeks stratification and prioritizes cars. Subjects such as consumption, urban displacement and citizens' leisure are themes that I seek to investigate. 

Originally from Recife, in 2022 I moved to Ceará, specifically to Fortaleza, Brazilian city known for its beautiful beaches, wind and sunshine that attracts tourists from all over the world. Walking around the city, we find signs of how development happens unevenly and how urban planning does not privilege the majority of people. 

The photographs portray the process of insertion in the city in search of characters and stories and an exercise to find vacuoles of solitude and silence in the midst of the chaos that surrounds us.

Bernardo Dantas was born in 1988 in Recife, Brazil. He has a degree in Photography and has worked as a photojournalist for important Brazilian newspapers such as Diário de Pernambuco and Folha de São Paulo. Throughout his career, he has worked in various fields of culture, such as video and cinema, which made him experiment with different languages from the journalistic editorial line. Nowadays he lives in Fortaleza, Brazil.

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