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"The lens, that allegedly impartial eye, permits all possible distortions of reality... The importance of photography lies not only in the fact that it is a creation, but above all in the fact that it is one of the most effective means of shaping our ideas and influencing our behavior."

- Gisèle Freund

"What we must demand from the photographer is the ability to put such a caption beneath his picture as will rescue it from the ravages of modishness and confer upon it a revolutionary use value."
-Walter Benjamin

REVOLTA is a documentary, street, reportage and social photography magazine. Despite all the definitions, REVOLTA is a platform to share and promote relevant and commited work from emergent and professional photographers.

This is a free and independent project. Our goal is to promote work that reinforce the standards of what photography is besides the consumerism that affects our field.

It's a cliché to say how fast and insane the world of "imagery" had become, it's a cliché because it's true. Photography got run over in this process and the word "photo" have been misused frequently by other kinds of "image makers".

This digital\social media era made photographers life very difficult, even more if you're still emergent.

It is hard to find places to publish, most publications are more concerned if you have a "name" already, others are completely attached to social media, Many are based in a new hipster aesthetic and have very little concern about photography. There are several claiming do be "artistic" or experimental.. And the few good ones are too big or to busy for many us.

To be an independent emergent photographer can be very frustrating and the lack of space to share our work and to get to know other good photographers is part of it.

Photography as a "field" is suffering from that too. It's easy for an amateur to be dragged to the gear\social media\creative side of "photography" and never make any relevant work, always bouncing between buying gear and tutorials on "insane photo tricks".

The vast majority of projects and publications out there today have not taken any advantage of all the history and culture built around photography all those years.

As Gramsci once said, 

"despite the pessimism of the reason we have the optimism of the will"


Inge Morath.jpg

Inge Morath

There is no easy days for us my friends. The glorious times are over.

Photography is a strong expression, rich in history and knowledge and we have to stand for it.

There were photographs present on many revolutions around the world, capturing the most controversial sides of our society, the unnoticeable, sharing stories no one would never see, revealing expressions of our mind. Violence, peace, evilness, innocence., misery, grandiosity.

Photography have re-defined the way we look to things, how we represent facts and history, became a important medium on itself.

Like literature and cinema. It has it's own circle with proper standards, rules, movements and styles. With a clear thought of what is photography and what is not.

From the photograpers perspective

photography can be a passport to all kinds of discoveries, to express our poits of view, to protest, to reclaim, to incite, to question, to confront, to participate. To put you into situations you would never be otherwise.

Claudia Andujar.jpg

Claudia Andujar

To make you go to places, meet people, engage with matters you would never do if we were not photographers.

Photography is never "pure", imparcial, nonpersonal. A photograph is more then a simple "truth" or a cut from reality. It's our interpretation, defined by our views, emotions, beliefs and character. We are photographers, we chose this method to interpret and transform the world around us.
We are not content creators, we are not a marketing tool, we are not copy machines.
Susan Meiselas.jpg

Susan Meiselas

Our People

Chief Editor

Portrait and Documentary photographer. Pedro has a master's degree in Photography, a degree in International Relations and studies in Social Sciences.

Pedro have worked with several artists, and it has been published and exhibited in several platforms.

Graphic Designer

Akira Oettinger is a multidisciplinary artist graduated in Visual Arts from Vienna Art Academy (2015), she has been working in the publishing and fashion industry as a designer and illustrator since 2010. She currently focuses on the development of her artistic research around the political view in the mass consumtion in fashion and its various aesthetic developments, moving between handpainted recycled textiles, ceramics, drawing and painting techniques.

Cultural Consultant

Helena has a degree in International Relations a master's in Social Science. it's Chief Editor of Levante, an collaborative political/social platform and it's an activist from PCP, the communist Party of Portugal.

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